Battery Storage

Want to save more money on your energy bill? Add battery storage to your new or existing Solar PV system and take advantage of our high quality energy systems which can be installed today.

A battery storage system for you

Our battery storage systems can easily be integrated into existing or new PV systems, Our battery storage systems are future proof and stackable from 2.4 kWh to 9.6kWh.

Maximum Power

Battery storage systems for the home that charge the battery bank during the day by using surplus electricity generated by solar panels, Then will power your home at night for FREE.

Fully automated, compact and simple to install, Our energy storage system enables you to maximize self-consumption of solar power generation.

Certified and Safe

Our residential systems are certified and safe, and can be installed with any new or existing solar PV applications

Our systems are Scalable from 2.4kWh, 4.8kWh, 7.2kWh and 9.6kWh just connect and grow to your desired system size.

Reduce Energy Bills

Energy bills have increased significantly over the past 20 years and are predicted to rise even more in the coming future.

Our battery storage system allows you to save FREE renewable electricity in the day time and use the saved electricity at night time for FREE, over the systems lifetime.

All-In-One Solution

• Existing Solar PV systems can easily be upgraded with our hybrid system.

• Connect & Grow – Stackable and Future Proof, More storage can be added at anytime.

• Storage-ready, Our Hybrid PV inverter is still cost-competitive even compared with standard PV inverters in the UK.

• Integrated battery and energy management system.

• You only need to add solar modules to have a complete solution.

• Integrated backup function protects your family from power outages.

• Fully certified with G83/2(UK).

• Non-toxic and non-hazardous recyclable materials.

• No AC or toxic liquid cooling, no parasitic drain, long cycle life.

• LFP is the safest, most environmentally benign Lithium Ion chemistry available.

• No risk of thermal runaway or fire.

On and Off Grid

Our battery storage solution for on-grid and off-grid residential applications.

The system brings together the three major components of an energy system into a single package: utility power, solar power, and energy storage, which reduces a home’s dependency on the utility by storing solar power during the day and used power the home at night.

The system also provides emergency backup power during power outages.