Pakistan Member
States compliance with
the 1982 Laws of
The Sea Convention

Your Countries waste, turning up on another’s countries beach.

Whilst GDEA & TEAA Solution addresses the issues of Member States compliance with the 1982 Laws of The Sea Convention to stem flows of waste entering the oceans off beaches or from rivers and estuaries within any country’s sovereign rights, GDEA have recognized various opportunities to assist the Pakistani Government and the population with multiple issues currently devastating the continent. The localized waste to energy projects (Energi-Dova) from centralized large-scale operations to small rural operations can all be feed with the current waste streams found across Pakistan and scaled to suit.  Green Deal Energy Advisors have a wealth of talent to draw on to provide the various solutions needed to move Pakistan forward as a world energy supplier. Whilst waste issues are growing exponentially, looking at these flows as a feed stock for various power plant operations, we start to understand how ‘the problem’ can become a solution



Appointed to lead the company from its incorporation to operations as Executive Director. Structured the organizations organogram and appointments of key team players for operations. My core responsibilities are to manage day to day affairs of the company by interacting with senior to middle management and total 75 confirmed employees and 80 contractual employees of the group to derive the growth and profitability.